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Hi-hello my dear deviants.

Well, as you can see it's November already and, guess what does that mean?

Exactly: I get to change my wallpaper!

Well, no, although I changed it... it's because NaNoWriMo is here! :la:
Can you feel the excitement? The thrill? The maddening typing, plot making, character cursing that's going on? I can feel it. 
Who else is on board? I'd love to see what all of you novelists are doing this month, so if you want you can tell me what is your story about, or better, add me as a Writing Buddy over the NaNo site. ;) I would love to have you as a friend if I still don't have you. You can find me as Dzulii. :)

Anyways, this year is going to be special because:

1) I'm at university at the same time, so that means that if I'm not busy analyzing the syntax and semantics of a bunch of sentences, or making an essay about a book, or learning about the Renaissance, or learning latin suffixes, I will be writing my novel with a lovely cup of chocolate. ^^

2) Also, crafts. I got the chance to see a very dear friend I haven't seen for a while and we talked about many things. Among books, movies, writing and life in general, we also discussed the chance of making crafts together. See, she is really crafty and we have some very neat ideas for presents or experiments... And we just can't wait longer. I already made a pretty bracelet that I loved (I hope I can post a picture soon, once I get a decent daylight for the shot) and we are planning on doing snowflakes out of something like polymer clay.

3) And to top all that, this novel will be extremely different from my usual writing. Maybe you don't see it much in my short stories because I tend to write about "normal things with a hint of magic". But in my novels and larger projects, well, let's say magic is a really big element. My last two NaNo novels had to with magic and enchanted worlds. But this one is entirely based on reality, no tricks or illusions. Which, I have to admit, is a little harder than I thought.

And boy, the theme is complicated. I half regret, half enjoy I picked such a strange topic, it's not usual for me, it gets me out of my confort zone, and it makes me do research instead of just pulling it out of a top hat.

My awful one-line-synopsis of "Love Colors": A guy with gay parents falls in love with a Christian girl.

I know, it sounds terrible, lame; you would say, Rea, what the hell were you thinking when you came up with such a lame story?
Trust me, I say the same every 500 words I type. It's bad, but I am working on it. There's something about the plot that makes me move forward, there is something I want to discover in this story, perhaps about love, or happiness, or mistakes, the world or purely myself.
At least I've got something to entertain myself with this month.
And any help on improving that synopsis would be great.

Anyways, I wish a happy writing to all Wrimos and writers around the world. May your stories lead you to the Fountain of Imagination in your Deepest Soul.

Happy writing. :D

At 5,000 words,
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  • Reading: Bird by Bird, by Anne Lammot
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Artist | Student | Literature
I study Spanish Language and Literature at UNAM.
Avid reader, like good movies, impressionist style and instrumental music.
I love blue, chocolate raisins, pillows and languages.
--That's me. ^^

I am...
A good observer, an avid reader, a seeker of imagination, an apprentice of the dead ones, a natural deceiver, a thief of lives and experiences, a master of treachery, a disguised slayer, a sorceress of imagery, an illusionist for your mind, a play director, an ink weaver. A shadow of my dreams, a reflection of my soul...
In three words: I'm a writer!

Instagram/Twitter: romy_lv (At your own risk. Be warned!)

"The written word is meant to be the voice of dreams."

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